IC Realtime Partners With C&E Marketing

Adrian Pop | 2019-05-18

IC Realtime partners with C&E Marketing, an industry-leading Manufacturers Representative firm to cover Florida. According to C&E “We Specialize in Consumer Electronics Products and cater to the Integration, Retail, Design, Architectural, and Building community.” IC Realtime as a company and a brand continues to evolve. Innovation irreversibly leads our initiatives for 2019, and we’re excited to work with C&E to deliver that message. We chose the rep firm based on their abilities to help with all aspects of the business from design specification to sales and marketing. They have a good reputation with vendors and the customers they serve.

This partnership will bring synergies to the market despite any challenges consumers may face. C&E will help bring together the collective efforts of designers, builders & integrators, retailers, and manufacturers. They have a world-class design & training center and features a completely automated and hands-on demonstration spaces. C&E dedicates time to help consumers see, hear, and experience products as they were intended. We are simply ecstatic to be working with C&E as they are on the leading edge of technology. They are among some of the best and well-respected Manufacturers Representative Firms in the country.

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