New 180 to 360 degree Multi-Sensor Camera

Adrian Pop | 2019-05-12

IC Realtime, a global leader in the surveillance industry since 2006, is pleased to announce an addition to its series of panoramic products. It’s no secret that there’s a need for wide coverage options ranging from 180-degree to 360-degree angles. IC Realtime debuts their new multi-sensor camera which will address affordability, quality, and situational coverage - all in a tidy package. The flexibility to capture wide area footage is immense - and with 4 adjustable 2MP lenses, the camera replaces multiple single-sensor cameras. It is also noteworthy that the unit requires only one cable run, giving installers greater flexibility in terms of wiring.

The unit is ideal for monitoring wide open spaces, building corners, parking lots, and intersecting hallways. A beneficial feature available is IR synchronicity - which adjusts in sync with the position of each sensor. With this level of control, dealers can expect to produce clear imagery in total darkness - regardless of the position of the sensor on the track. The device also features Starlight Technology which keeps the camera in color when low light performance and usable video with minimal ambient light is required. This unit will produce vivid pictures even in the most intense contrast condition thanks to True Wide Dynamic Range (140dB). This allows for optimization to provide exceptional footage in applications where both bright and low light conditions exist or change quickly. And, the combination of such features allows for easy & accurate identification from within a typical field of view.

Built with intelligence in mind, the unit is capable of detecting and analyzing moving objects for improved surveillance and virtually eliminates false alerts. In terms of flexibility, users will be delighted to learn that the unit supports H.265 encoding and equipped with (4) 2.7mm ~ 12mm motorized lenses. The unit may be powered with either 24 volts AC or PoE+. IC Realtime’s unit will make its way to the marketplace and into the hands of dealers in May 2019.

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