TAA Announcement

Adrian Pop | 2020-05-15


Sourcing TAA Compliant Security Equipment can be daunting.


Offer alternatives using Korean made gear with TAA compliant devices from IC Realtime. Due to the lack of product options outside of China, we took notice and have diligently prepared to provide solutions that address the recent need in providing alternatives. We began the process of shifting our manufacturing to South Korea and thus are able to offer secure gear at affordable prices. Using the TAA Series, you can procure equipment that meets the TAA compliance act.

  1. 100% TAA Compliant
  2. 10-Year Warranty
  3. Industry-leading tech support
  4. Online portal for ordering much more
  5. Best in class IoT integration
  6. Seamless VMS Integrations

What are TAA Compliant devices?


TAA stands for Trade Agreements Act. These devices are not prohibitive to importation or installation on projects that require "TAA" Compliant equipment. In short, devices are required to be manufactured in the US or “substantially transformed” in a TAA designated country. For a list of TAA designated countries, visit the Federal Schedule of TAA Designated Countries HERE.

Why IC Realtime?


IC Realtime has been a leader and innovator in video surveillance since 2006. We provide solutions and will be here when you need us.


Learn More: www.icrealtime.com/taa

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