DASH - Dinger Features & Benefits

Adrian Pop | 2020-05-19

IC Realtime honors your privacy and believes that it should be protected. In response to homeowners looming concerns over WiFi video Doorbells and various video surveillance equipment, we have introduced a consumer product designed around lifestyle, privacy and security.
Dash's built-in flexible options deliver on what a security cautious homeowner wants. It gives you the options that do not exist in the market today. IC Realtime dealers better serve their customers and solve the problems that our competitors have ignored. The Dinger doorbell camera gives you three options to record. Choose one, two, or all three.
Option 1: Connect to your NVR and record continuously 24/7 and make it a closed-loop system.
Option 2: Record to the supplied 16gb SD card.
Option 3: Purchase our Dash cloud service, starting at $3.00 per month for 30 days of motion recording for a single camera.
The Dash mobile app makes it easy to find motion events. If you have other IC Realtime cameras, you can view them with your Dash cameras on our ICRSSPro mobile app. Whichever option you choose, you no longer need to worry about the image of a person walking away because the pre and post motion buffers make sure you capture the entire event.
Dinger is the WiFi Video Doorbell solution that is revolutionizing how you interact with people at your door. It offers the total package and delivers the features that others do not. While others may focus on interconnectedness, we are focusing on the fundamentals of what true security means without the hype. Welcome to the world of Dash from IC Realtime. Shop Now.
If you are a licensed Security or AV professional and would like more information on our products or would like to become an authorized IC Realtime dealer, please go to icrealtime.com/dealers

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