WIFI Video Floodlight Planning

Adrian Pop | 2020-09-09

Are you in the market for a new WIFI Video Floodlight? Are you considering the idea of replacing an existing one? Here is a quick read on what you should consider and why.


Is there an existing location and a purpose for a video floodlight? Do you have what you need available, or will you need to hire an electrician?


Diligence is key. Applied information is power. Determine the benefits you are seeking, find a reputable brand and, decide whether this is your DIY project or a project for hire.


We suggest confirming a dealer's authorization, background and verify all products for brand recognition. A good warranty is fundamental, and so is doing your homework!


Do you want cloud storage exclusively or want the options to connect to a network recorder, home automation, or simply put the ability to record to an onboard SD card?


Whether you're hiring an integrator, or tackling the job yourself, get an idea of what your total cost will be. Today, the average homeowner will seek and review three estimates.


Select the integrator or schedule your DIY project. A good rule of thumb is planning for a -/+ 20% variance in the total cost and time investment to complete a project entirely.


Knowing means adoption. Understand that any new technology comes with a learning curve, so be patient. Reputable Integrators usually take time to educate you on new products. You are now happily on your way.



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