Breaking Ground In The Cannabis Industry

Adrian Pop | 2019-05-17

Breaking Ground In The Cannabis Industry IC Realtime Authorized Dealer, SunState Lands A 40-Acre Job

As 40-acre Cannabis grow operation in rural Arizona, Copperstate Farms needed help modernizing its IT infrastructure to ensure maximum security and comply with state security regulations. Fortunately, the leadership team at Copperstate found a nimble, strategic technology partner in the Sunstate Technology Group. Sunstate jumped right in, working within a tight budget and time constraints.

After thoroughly assessing Copperstate’s technology needs, which included state-of-the-art security and access control for the 40-acre facility, the Sunstate team brought in nearly 300 IP cameras and 17 recorders from IC Realtime. Dustin Byars, Head of Operations for Sunstate said: “We only use IC Realtime. Richard and the IC Realtime Support Team have been phenomenal partners on this project, collaborating with us on system design and training. They helped to ensure that every part of the massive Copperstate facility— from corner to corner—was covered. Their impeccable 10-year warranty also brings customer peace of mind. Thanks to IC Realtime’s 360-degree solutions, we were able to deliver a solution for Copperstate that provided wide situational coverage while helping save on time, labor, and materials.”

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